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3/6/2006 - ING Pays Top $$$ For the Very First Woman in History to Conduct in Concertgebouw, Simon Trpceski on Piano

The entrance for this first in history event with Marin Alsop is FREE FOR ALL and you will be able to see yourself LIVE ON TV!
You will be sorry if you miss the gratis entrance for a very special event scheduled to take place in the superb Grote Zaal of the legendary Concertgebouw, definitely the most successful among the famous music-halls on the planet today and probably one of the three with the best acoustics of its impressive hall. In this case "free entrance" means indeed "free for all" despite the seats are numbered. The capacity of the Grote Zaal is some 1800 pax all around or so.
Of what I have understood, there will be no tickets but people will fight for seats. It totally beats me why the public is left with an impression that the event will tke place under such an arrangement. The concert's main sponsor is ING which probably has nothing to do with the threat by Petar Gosev the governor of the National Bank of Macedonia, that they will send ING to court for not buying one derelict (or am I wrong) PostBank of Macedonia. Whatever the entrance procedure - do not miss the concert. There are several reasons for that.
The first reason for going is that we have never before had the stars of the forthcoming concert perform in The Netherlands. Both of them are sending huge waves around the music world.

The ladies first.
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will be conducted by maestro (or is she "maestresa"?) Marin Alsop, a NewYorker who will turn 50 this October. She studied at Tanglewood under Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa and the Gramophone magazine voted her Artist of the Year in 2003.
She was chosen to be the new music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as of August 2007, the first woman ever to lead any of the top orchestras on the planet. The board of directors chose Marion Alsop despite the strong disapproval by the orchestra's staff. Since 30 years ago Lorin Maazel got only 2% of the votes of the musicians of the Cleveland Orchestra no conductor has faced such a stunning oppositions from the players. Last year a recipient (first conductor ever to get it) of the MacArthur Fellowship (in the US considered as the "genius grant") she further antagonized her players stating that "I did not run for a popularity contest". Therefore, next week we shall have the chance to listen and to see in Amsterdam a very controversial lady conducting one of the best and the most spoiled team of musicians in the world. Alsop will conduct the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra with this young, elsewhere already established, top-class pianist Simon Trpceski, 27, who is the great pride of Macedonia and the undisputed darling of the British music scene. When he made in 2004 his debut with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra at the Proms (that's a sort of a very popular often TV-covered "sing-along" for the British) the music critic of theIndependent" wrote "People will be auctioning tickets for Simon Trpceski soon". Despite that hyperbole is very much off the mark in this case here, Simon is eventually recognized by the picky Concertgebouw managment. During the past 4-5 years he had established himself as a very welcome guest with many of the world orchestras. Trpceski is published by the renown EMI Classuc's Debut Series (that CD features works by Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Stravinsky and Prokofiev) and the critics fell one over the other with superlatives . He graduated music from the Faculty of Arts in Skopje in the class of Boris Romanov a Russin immigrant in Macedonia, which in a way explains his predominantly "Russian" repertoire. He was not discovered, so to say, back home, as few people ever are. He achieved his first successes in the UK. Once he shone at the Proms (I remember that there were so many flags in the air the evening he performed in the Royal Albert Hall) or thereafter, Marin Alsop invited him to play with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and that is it, that is how after years of painstakingly hard work poured over a huge talent there comes a shining international star of a pianist. His website (link here and above) has a fine selection of his music clips.
Now, what is on the program? The evening (begins 20:30) is dedicated to Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich (12.9.1906-9.8.1975) a superb composer, a controversial Russian communist, member of the Supreme Soviet and a very peculiar three times married guy who produced a massive body of music. He was influenced by the works of Gustav Mahler. The stupid entry (in Wikipedia) about him tells that he slept in front of the lift so that if the NKVD-agents came they would not disturbe his family. When they came, when agents of any sort come they do it to disturb; they do it so damn thorough that everybody around remembers that disturbance for life. And then, he had some 22-23 years of life (young, between 40 and 69 of age) without any Stalinj around, with trips to America and around the world and with plenty of money. A peninsula in northern Russia was named after him, next to that one of Beethoven or Bach, during his lifetime. Thus means that the establishment was pretty much quite sure he will not surprise them. Musically Shostakovich may be recognized by a Mahleresque "romantic idiom" fused with his own sense for fine atonality. This mixture was praised by those who did not matter and cursed by Stalin and the like, who mattered. Atonal music in principle and Shostakovih in particular are not my cup of tea, but then, at the end, if you clasp long and shout "bravo" a lot, there is always a chance that Simon Trpceski plays something more popular for "encore". The first work on the programe is the Ballet suite op.27-a, then comes Piano Concerto Nr.1 in C, op.35 and for the end (Alsop cannot rid herself of that affinity for the American experimental jazz) is reserved Second suite for Jazz-Orchestra.
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If anything annoys me with any newspaper it is faceless, blind, degrading servitude. A newspaper with stamina needs to stand up to its readership and whenever needed to nicely tell its patrons to go read elsewhere what they please. In this context their continuous drumming of the death-roll for the peaceful grass-field east of Henry Dunant School annoys me beyond any words.
A gas-station owner called Ger Loogman is for the sixth month in row the front-page "initiatiefnemer", best quoted person in one of the top three boroughs of the whole Kingdom of the Nederlanden. Thus, a gas-station must be the place where educated people day and night discuss the future needs of this land.
Hey! Alo!
This "Golfodrome" is a scam and it is all about money. About your and my money. It is as simple as that. And it is told even with poorer vocabulary.
Not even the wasstraat attendants would use the language of the Amstelveens Nieuws: Een legertje deskundingen was opgeroepen om de planne uit de doeken te doen. Where does one find an idle "little army of scientists" waiting to be used by this Donald Trump of Bovenkerke?
You need papers from the "cataster" to prepare plans. You need to be the owner of the property to get those plans. Or they give you the newest plans of Nordeinde to learn where every entrance and exit is located? Who pays for a third month this little army of scientists working on the plans for the so called Golfodrome?
IS THIS ALL FAKE? An Ayaan Hirsi Megan-type Story by the editors of Amstelveens Nieuws? And what did he say to those allegedly counted 300 people gathered to listen to himin the Emergohal of Amstelveen? He spoke of Pay-as-you-Play-principle without any worry that he will be booed.
Oh, my, oh my.
Is it really possible that all these politicians and journalists take you people for so stupid? I will not be able to wink an eye tonight.
I am flabbergasted
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